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About Me

Emily Poste | Founder Vera Glass Imagery

Welcome to Vera Glass Imagery, where the lens is not just a tool but a storyteller capturing the unique essence of individuals. I'm Emily Poste, a Luxury Photographer, Stylist, and Creative Director based in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas.

My journey as a photographer is deeply rooted in a passion for Women's Portraits, Fashion, and Boudoir. I believe in finding unique, artistic ways to photograph people, allowing their true essence to shine through in every frame. More than just images, I create storytelling imagery designed to evoke emotions and resonate with the viewer, capturing moments that transcend time.

Boudoir holds a special place in my heart, and I approach it from the female gaze, crafting images worthy of being hung on your wall like a work of art. Because you are a work of art – deserving of celebration and admiration.

Growing up, I faced relentless bullying, a journey that led me to a profound realization about the importance of self-love and confidence. Through building my business, I found my voice as a hype woman for my clients, pouring positivity and support into their lives. It was a transformative experience that made me question why I wasn't affording myself the same kindness.

Around three years ago, I decided to change that narrative. I began to pour into myself, appreciate who I am, and truly love myself. Looking at the incredible business I had built and the lives I had touched, I found the strength to overcome the negative internal dialogue that once held me back. I started to see my own value and have since grown immensely.

At Vera Glass Imagery, my mission goes beyond photography. It's about empowerment, self-love, and capturing the beauty that exists in every individual. Join me on this journey, where each click of the shutter is not just a photograph but a celebration of your unique story.

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